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Victorian Cooking Methods

Baking - The Victorian Way
Surprisingly, this article is mainly about baking meat.

Frying - The Victorian Way
A very convenient mode of cookery to those who wish to unite comfort with economy, it seems. Watch that lard.

Preserves - The Victorian Way
In an age when fruits were locally-grown and seasonal, preserving them was important.

Steaming - The Victorian Way
The application of steam to culinary purposes has much to recommend it ...

Stewing - The Victorian Way
A wholesome, convenient and economical mode of cookery.
One of its great recommendations is the small amount of fuel consumed to sustain the gentle degree of ebullition required. 'Ebullition'?

Victorian Recipes

Doughnuts - A Victorian Recipe
Modern and American? Not so. Read how the Victorians made doughnuts.

Cooking Eggs - The Victorian Way
Boiled, broiled, fried, poached and more - how to cook those eggs.

Eggs - Some Victorian Recipes
Egg balls, egg curry, egg flip, egg pie, egg pudding, egg salad, egg sauce, egg wine.

Peas - Stewed, Boiled, Pudding, With Milk and Sugar

Pea soup - 5 heroic recipes

Peaches - Victorian Recipes

Pears - Jelly, Marmalade, Stewed, Preserved

Pepper - Victorian Use

Peppermint - Cordial, Drops, Lozenges

Perry - The Victorian Way

Pickles - The Victorian Way

What to do with a Pig - The Victorian Way

Pig, roast - Complete Roast Pig

Pigeon - Pigeon Pie and Other Victorian Recipes

Prawns - Victorian Recipes

Pound Cake - Victorian Recipe

Plum Cake - Four Victorian Recipes

Plum Pudding

More Victorian Plum Recipes

Sponge Cake - Victorian Recipes
Sponge cakes were important features of the Victorian way of life. Here are four recipes.

Tripe - Some Victorian Recipes
boiled, fried, roasted, stewed, friccassed ... all stomach turning. Literally.

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