Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lincoln - Historical Accounts

Lincoln (1802 - 1866): Lincoln, a place of considerable note in the ecclesiastical and military annals of England, is singularly situated on the top and side of a high hill, which slopes with a deep descent to the south, where the river Witham runs at its base.

Lincoln - 1
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Some British Cities

Places to look at for a spring visit:




London Attractions

London has a number of iconic landmarks, recognised by people all over the world. Virtually everyone knows that Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square are in the British capital. But newer landmarks are becoming a prominent feature of tourist and working London. Read on:

London's New Landmarks


Known as ‘Europe’s youngest capital’, Cardiff, in south Wales, has re-invented itself as one of Britain’s most buzzing, young-at-heart and stylish cities. It’s a rapidly-evolving, vibrant and fascinating place for a short break More at:

Cardiff: Europe's youngest capital

Kew - Historical notes

Kew (1772 & 1789): Some excerpts from the Gentleman's Magazine for historical interest:

The buildings in Kew Gardens are deservedly the admiration of all foreigners