Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When you think about vacationing over seas in an exotic land, places like Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Jamaica might be the first locations that come to mind. Taiwan, for instance, is probably not near the top ten on your list. However, more people are beginning to regard this country as a beautiful, culturally rich land that many will want to visit again and again.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paternity questions

Paternity questions have made great headlines for bad TV, and with developments in DNA testing, answering paternity questions has become as easy as, well, taking a pregnancy test.

3% of Children Not Genetically Related to Assumed Father

Driving In Europe Tips and Laws

Car hire at your holiday destination or even driving directly to your holiday resort is a common occurrence. Driving while on holiday as opposed to other forms of getting around includes a number of key benefits from a greater ease when transporting families to budget efficiency and greater freedom to explore. If you are considering driving in Europe, you will do well to familiarize yourself with the latest driving regulations and tips.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weight loss

It is a sad and frustrating fact that many (perhaps, most) attempts to lose weight result in a temporary loss that is reversed in a relatively short time.

Keeping the Pounds Off

Rome - Capital of Italy

Known as 'the Eternal City' Rome, the Italian capital, is one of the most varied and historic cities in Europe.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Croatia’s Top Cities

Croatia’s landscape boosts crystal clear turquoise water, dramatic coastline and charming islands, while its cities are scattered with romantic pebble stone streets.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Genetic Link to Leadership

A specific DNA sequence has been significantly associated with the likelihood that an individual is linked with a leadership position.

A Genetic Link to Leadership

Racism and Knowledge of History

The acknowledgement of racism hinges on people's knowledge of history. If you are a member of a group that has been disadvantaged in the past you will not be surprised that this is frequently not acknowledged - and may be denied - by people from other backgrounds.

Racism and Knowledge of History

Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Take Snakes on a Plane

Gearing up for some holiday travel or a big vacation? When you head to the airport, don't forget to pack those bags thoughtfully. Checked baggage costs money and you have to be careful what you try to carry-on. Flying is fast, but you can't just chuck things into your bags the way you might throw a few last minute necessities into your car. If you really want to get your stuff to your final destination intact, sometimes you have to do a little planning and ship it there. We know you're all smart readers and you'd never try to take contraband like this through that TSA checkpoint.

Don't Take Snakes on a Plane & Other Packing Tips From Cpt. Obvious

Scrap the Mask and Treat Sleep Apnea the Natural Way

If you know fifteen people in the U.S., then you know at least one person who is afflicted with the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

Scrap the Mask and Treat Sleep Apnea the Natural Way

Paradise in Paphos

Popular amongst vacationers for its rich combination of cosmopolitan appeal, glorious countryside and captivating historical sites, the beautiful coastal city of Paphos reclines on Cyprus's southwest coast. Enjoying a subtropical Mediterranean climate, the summer season begins in April, lasting throughout the summer months all the way into November, where the comfortable heat lures vacationers from chilly homelands into the sun.

Famed for its association with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, Paphos makes for an especially romantic getaway for couples young and old. The relaxing pace of life and friendly nature of the resort also lends itself well to family vacations, where you and your loved ones can find yourself in sync with the take-it-easy approach to life, or fill your days with sites and experiences - Paphos certainly caters for however you're feeling on the day.

Paradise in Paphos

Self Catering Tips

In recent years, self-catering accommodation has become a real alternative to traditional forms of holiday accommodation.

The idea revolves around renting a holiday home for the duration of your stay. Typical holiday homes include villas and cottages that are situated in a wide array of locations from popular tourist busy regions to rural gems. If you are considering self-catering accommodation for your next holiday, here is a handy guide informing you of what to check and pay attention to.

Self Catering Tips

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Learning language in the womb

While it was already known that babies were born with the ability to learn and were able to discriminate between language sounds within their first few months of life, the researchers claim that this study provides crucial evidence that recognition of speech sounds had occurred in the womb.

Learning language in the womb